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Skincare Treatments at Milk + Honey Luxury Spa

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

What are Milk + Honey’s Skincare Treatments?

Our skincare treatments are designed to rejuvenate your face and leave your skin glowing.

Milk + Honey’s expert team use the latest technologies and techniques for:

Acne facials

A treatment designed to extract excess oil and reduce inflammation. Acne is unique for every person with many underlying factors. These are all taken into consideration when treating to create the most effective treatment for each individual.

Chemical peels

A solution is applied to the face which decreases the ph level of the skin helping to remove dead skin cells and debris, creating a smoother, more youthful complexion. Peels also even out skin tone, improve acne-prone skin, decrease fine lines and wrinkles and reduce pore size appearance. Alongside the right products, chemical peels can create beautiful changes in the skin with minimal to no downtime.


An exfoliating treatment that uses a blade to trim soft hair and dead skin cells from the face, to achieve a smoother, more radiant look. This is a favourite treatment to have done before any big event. Your skin will look radiant, and there is no downtime!

Skin resurfacing

With multiple modalities available, a consultation will help direct you into the right treatment for you. We can perform this treatment with a laser that applies short, controlled bursts of energy to remove surface layers of skin. Our bodies' natural reaction to this controlled injury is to produce collagen to the area which in turn revitalizes the face and reduces common signs of ageing. This is a more aggressive approach with the best results with fewest clinic visits. There are a few days of downtime that will be needed so it is not the treatment for everyone.

The alternative is microneedling, which is the same concept but not as aggressive. This means you would need more treatments to achieve the same results but would have a decreased downtime from the procedure.

Sun/Age Spots

The visibility of sunspots can effectively be reduced with laser, microneedling, peels, &/or products for younger-looking skin.

Each of these treatments is performed by experienced experts in a relaxing, welcoming


What are the Key Benefits of Skincare Treatments?

Your skin puts up with a lot.

Ageing, the environment, and medical conditions can all affect your skin in different ways.

Acne, for example, causes breakouts, discomfort, and potential long-term scarring. Sun

spots (AKA liver spots) are a common sign of ageing typically triggered by sun damage, and

along with wrinkles, can leave the skin looking older.

Milk + Honey’s skincare treatments reduce the visibility of these, and other, issues, usually

across multiple sessions. In most cases, the positive effects start to show quickly and

contribute to a healthier, more youthful complexion.

Another of our options, the Alumier Peel, is an effective treatment for improving

the clarity, colour, and texture of your skin. Chemical peels stimulate the production of new

collagen, create a smoother finish, treat acne, reduce the visibility of wrinkles, and ease sun-

related discoloration.

Dermaplaning is an innovative technique for removing dead skin cells and soft facial hair,

promoting healthier, smoother skin on the face. This can make acne scars and fine lines less visible while allowing for deeper penetration of skincare or cosmetic products.

And it’s all available right now at our luxury spa.

Not sure which treatment is right for your skin and personal goals? Don’t worry. Milk +

Honey’s team offers free consultations to help you find the right skincare treatment.

How Much Do Our Skincare Treatments Cost?

Our skin care treatment prices are amazingly competitive. They start from $75 but vary based on the treatment, the area covered, and other factors.

Feel free to get in touch with the Milk + Honey team to learn more about our prices or book

your free consultation.

How Should You Prepare for Your Skincare Treatment?

There are certain steps you can take to prepare for your skincare treatment properly, to keep

your skin healthy and to maximize its effects. This varies for each treatment, but there are

some basic guidelines for chemical peels and dermaplaning:

· Avoid exfoliating your skin for around one week ahead of your treatment, as chemical

· peels and dermaplaning do this for you at a deeper level

· Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated

· Stop using products which dry the skin out for a few days before treatment ie. retinol

· Don’t wear make-up on the day of your treatment

Skincare Aftercare

Aftercare recommendations may vary from one skincare treatment to another. You’ll receive

detailed advice during your free consultation, and we’re happy to answer your questions at

any time.

Here are some general tips to keep your skin comfortable and healthy after a treatment:

  • You must wear SPF30 or higher after chemical peels, derma-planing, or skin resurfacing, as your skin is more delicate for about a week after. Continue to wear SPF as it is one of the best defences against again!

  • Avoid exfoliating after a peel, derma-planing, or skin resurfacing until one of our experts give you the go-ahead. We usually say 3 weeks after depending on the treatment.

  • Follow the aftercare products given to you for post-care and do not resume your other skincare products until you know it’s safe to do so. Usually waiting a week after treatment is good but every person is different so please follow your clinicians’ recommendations.

  • Always ask questions if in doubt! We are always here to help!

Milk + Honey is dedicated to outstanding service and aftercare for every single treatment —

you’re in the best hands.

Want to arrange a FREE consultation for a skincare treatment at Milk + Honey? Call us on

(306) 852-SKIN (7546) now!

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