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How to Accentuate Your Eyes With Beautiful Lashes

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Gorgeous lashes can accentuate your eyes and create a truly striking look, but relying on curlers and mascara can be a major hassle!

While glue on strip lashes have been a mainstay of many women’s makeup routines for years, or the latest craze, magnetic lashes! The latest eyelash extensions offer a customized, more convenient alternative. But how do you know what type is right for you?

In this blog post, we’ll explore the different types of eyelash extensions available and how they can make your eyes look more beautiful than ever without all the hassle.

Eyelash Extensions to suit every eye

One of the main problems with standard false eyelashes is the limited choice. You go into a store and buy them off the shelf. They’re not customized to suit your unique natural lashes or complement your eye shape.

And let’s not forget: false eyelashes need to be removed each night and re-applied in the morning. If you’re in a rush trying to get your kids out the door for school or on your way to work, you might have to abandon your falsies and face the world naked (around your eyes, at least). Lets face it, with masks these days the eyes are all a girls got!

But none of this is a problem with eyelash extensions!

Why? Because a professional technician will take the time to choose the perfect lashes for you. Each set can be customized based on a number of crucial factors, including:

● your eye shape

● your personal beauty tastes and goals

● your daily routine

● your facial characteristics

● your natural lashes’ thickness and volume

Your eyelash extensions can be fitted as part of a bespoke process to ensure your total satisfaction in the long run.

No more wasting time curling your lashes and applying mascara every morning. No more waking up to find your false lashes ruined because you forgot to take them off before collapsing into bed.

Just the simple joy of knowing you can get up in the morning and leave without perfecting your lashes first. That leaves you with more time to enjoy a leisurely morning before the day really starts….or lets get real…affords you a couple more minutes of sleep before the crazy begins!

Choosing the best eyelash extension for you

Your qualified technician will offer you a selection of options to help you decide what will truly accentuate your eyes and give you the lashes of your dreams.

Our certified technicians can apply classic, hybrid and volume with numerous upgrades to advanced celebrity volume. Each of these provides you with lasting, comfortable glamor, but there are notable differences between them.

Classic Eyelash Extensions are the most natural look. This is where many of our clients start if they have not had lashes before but are looking for a little extra pick me up in their lash game. Premium Classic Eyelash Extensions can be applied the quickest. They are applied 1:1 meaning one extension is applied to one natural lash with a medical grade, semi-permanent bonding agent. Our classic Eyelash Extensions create lashes which are exquisitely soft and realistic. You will truly enjoy a natural look without the daily maintenance of mascara.

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions are just how they sound, a hybrid between classic and volume. This is perfect for the client that has had classic and wants to add a bit more volume, either for a special occasion or just cause they feel like it! It is also great for someone that has a thinning lash line or gaps in their natural lashes that we are unable to attach a lash to. I will go further into how volume lashes are created below but long story short, they give you the illusion of even fuller lashes then you can achieve with classics but still a very natural look.

Volume Eyelash Extensions add even more volume than Classic Lash Extensions. Instead of one lash extension on each lash we apply 2-8 super fine extensions in a fan that wrap around your natural lash. It creates this illusion of fullness because the fans overlap and close all the gaps you would normally see between each classic lash. They are also incredibly soft, light and fluffier then a classic lash. This technique obviously takes more time, a steady hand and a huge amount of skill to create these looks! So much so, many technicians will take short cuts and use pre-made clusters or fans. Unfortunately, those products are very harmful to your natural lash health and none of which create the quality, customization and comfort a true volume master can. This technique is a true artform and the result is second to none when done properly. If you find yourself asking for more at the end of your classic or hybrid eyelash extension appointment this is the next step for you.

Celebrity Volume Eyelash Extensions are our coined name for our most loved style for anyone that wants to feel like a celebrity! If you wear strip lashes on the daily or simply just want to get noticed, this is the set for you. These lashes are textured, layered and the fluffiest of all the styles. Customized with 4d-8d lashes with an extensive 3 layer application you'll be walking out of the studio like a Kardashian!

Still, despite these differences, all four types of eyelash extensions create amazing results. Our technicians are happy to discuss your lifestyle, make-up habits and expectations carefully, to help you choose the one suited best to you.

What is the process? How are eyelash extensions applied and how long does it take?

You’ll receive an extensive one-on-one consultation. Your technician you will consider your unique facial characteristics before offering honest advice and deciding on your customized mapping, 100% unique to you! Once you and your technician have decided which style is best suited to you, you will lay back in our comfortable recliners and extensions will be applied to the lashes directly one at a time. We want you to walk out of our studio feeling revitalized, with the perfect lashes for your personal style.


Such a comprehensive service means applying your eyelash extensions can be a long process. New eyelash extension appointments can last anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on what you decide. And we always spend 15-30 minutes in your consultation going over your preferences, facial characteristics, eyelash extension after care & our personal recommendation to ensure optimal success.

How long will they last? Let’s talk about retention…

At our studio, you have so many choices from Premium Classic Eyelash Extensions to Advanced Volume techniques and everything in between.

We discussed what this means in terms of the look it creates above. What we didn’t discuss was the difference in how long they last.

An average eyelid has about 120 natural lashes per eye which shed at a rate of about 10-15% a week (that's about 25-35 lashes every 2 weeks). So typically, you would see your last eyelash extension fall off around 6 weeks which is typically a full growth cycle of your natural lash.

For long-term eyelash extensions, we suggest a fill every 2-3 weeks to maintain the look you desire. This will be dependent on each person and sometimes takes a couple of appointments to determine what is optimal for you. Your technician (she is the expert remember) will recommend the proper fill time between sessions.

With our 7+ years of experience of lashing we have found that Classic Eyelash Extensions tend to need fills more frequently than Volume lashes. The bond that is created does not have the suction that volume lashes do since it just sits on top of the natural lash. The volume extensions wrap around the natural lash reinforcing it. Not only does it create a better suction it also helps with weight distribution to avoid premature dropping (the more weight or torque on your natural lash creates stress and early dropping of your natural lash).

Here are some other important tips to help maintain the best retention and eyelash health:

  • Do not get lashes wet for the first 24 hours

  • Do not use oil-based eye products, creams or waterproof mascara

  • Keep them clean: Use only water based make up & makeup remover. Your technician will supply you with a cleansing brush and extension safe shampoo.

  • Be careful to avoid pulling extensions or rubbing eyes. The adhesive is strong and will more than likely remove your natural lash with the extension.

  • If you decide your time with lashes is done please see a trained technician to have your eyelash extensions removed.

Still have questions? Don’t know which to choose? contact our team today!! We’re happy to show examples of each style to make it easier.

Find out why we are known for our unparalleled quality and welcome clients from all over the province on a regular basis.

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