VOGUEPEARL Hair Extensions

Get Longer, Natural-Looking Hair.

With VOGUEPEARL Hair Extensions, you can be assured that no one will know which is your real hair and which is the extensions—whether you wear your hair up or down! This is due to the patented VOGUEPEARL installation technique that lays the extension flat to the scalp without fusions, heat tools, chemicals, solvents, braid or threading. With the extension laying flat on the head, you get a natural look that enhances your beauty. You can even wear your hair in a ponytail or top knot if you wish. It’s all about diversity and non damaging, long term wear with the VOGUEPEARL install method.

This VOGUEPEARL hair extension process allows for long wear (up to a year) and eliminates damage to both the natural hair and extension. We only use premium, Remy Virgin hair, providing you with a silky smooth finish.

Simple, Easy to Manage Hair Extensions.

Other hair extension methods involve harsh adhesives, which require very specific maintenance. With such methods, the client must use specific shampoos and be more careful of what activities they do. However, with VOGUEPEARL this is not the case. Since VOGUEPEARL does not use adhesives, you will not need to worry about which products you use—and we promise it won’t affect your lifestyle.

Contact us today or call 306.852.SKIN (7546) to schedule a consultation and to learn more about VOGUEPEARL Hair Extensions.

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