Teeth Whitening

Whiten Your Teeth Up to Six Shades.

Over time, the whiteness of one’s teeth can fade for several reasons: food and drink, tobacco, age, trauma or medications. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t regain the vivid white of your teeth you once had. Teeth whitening breaks down stains, which makes colour less concentrated and your teeth appear brighter. Our office uses a CoolBlue whitening system, which can whiten your teeth up to six shades in under an hour.

The CoolBlue Whitening System Is Fast and Easy.

The CoolBlue system is a professional light-activated teeth whitening system that combines a blue(cool) LED activating light and activating paste, creating a quick and easy treatment without increasing tooth sensitivity. We recommend three back-to-back applications of 10-20 minutes each. The first application opens the pores in the enamel. The second application begins to visually whiten the teeth, and dramatic whitening results are achieved during the third application. We recommend following up with a take-home kit or pen to prevent color regression and further enhance the results.

Service Pricing

In house treatment:
45 minute (1-2 applications) $150.00
60 minute (3 back to back applications) $169.00

At home applications:
Deluxe take home whitening kit (includes: Whitening gel, trays and accelerator light): $40.00
Daily White™ Fusion™ is a teeth whitening dental foam  (meant to replace toothpaste): $10.00
Forever White™ the #1 selling whitening pen in the industry: $25.00

If you are interested in receiving a brighter smile, talk to the experts at Milk + Honey. Contact us at 306.852.SKIN (7546) today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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