Permanent Makeup

Coming Soon in 2017

Permanent Makeup, also known as Micropigmentation or Cosmetic Tattooing, is a process in which natural pigments are inserted into the skin. With this procedure, patients can receive permanent eyeliner, lip liner, lip pigmentation, moles, freckles, scar reconstruction or even scalp pigmentation (to diminish the signs of balding) . A variety of individuals can benefit from permanent makeup, including those who have allergies to cosmetics, live active lifestyles, have thinning hair, struggle with applying makeup due to dexterity, or just want to save time. This is considered a permanent procedure because the pigment can’t be washed off after it is tattooed onto the skin. Like all tattoos, some fading will occur over time and require colour touch ups.

Permanent Makeup is Safe, Quick and Effective.

The procedure is performed in a safe manner, with new and sterile needles used for each person. The staff member performing the procedure will ensure the room is clean and wear protection materials such as gloves and a mask. The procedure lasts about two hours depending on what the patient receives. However, if the patient is receiving a touch up, the procedure will not last as long.

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